John Earle: Confessions from Both Sides
of a Bad Brain

10 - 28 August 2004

"I want to be doing stuff that bumps the pulse rate up a little...that's a little bit of rock and roll…I want an instinctive reaction".

To be opened on Tuesday 10 August 2004 at Marlene Antico Fine Arts is Confessions from both sides of a bad brain an exhibition by artist John Earle.

At 49 years old, Newcastle born artist John Earle has made a sea change. This accomplished coastal landscape artist hailing from Newcastle has made a 180 degree turnaround in his subject matter, and according to John Earle the two vastly different painting styles are in fact linked to the "two opposite areas of his mind" From the 80s to late 90s John Earle has had over 19 solo exhibitions of his hugely popular landscapes. He has been hung in the prestigious Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW 6 times and has an established auction record. His career in landscape painting has culminated in a survey exhibition held at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery earlier this year. An exhibition which Curator Katrina Rumley has said has had "extraordinary success" with over 8000 visitors viewing the exhibition.

The current exhibition held at Marlene Antico Fine Arts in Paddington will take many by surprise - whilst this new series retains John Earles' technical prowess the subject matter has an energy and vibrancy that is completely unique. For John Earle this new series is an opportunity to be a more complete artist - he wants to puncture the serious tone of painting - a seriousness that is taught in art schools. Featuring leering cartoon like animals, creatures and graffiti this series is a dazzling candy coloured melange of pop culture, surrealism and fashion. His sculptural forms, inspired by the iconic 70s decorative home accessory the "lava lamp", is a contrast between amorphous, organic shapes using inorganic materials such as fibreglass and plaster. Like these sculptural forms the paintings also have a three dimensional element where the painting wraps around a deep stretcher. Colours and shapes are gridded onto the canvas. The grid is formed up of painted squares. Each square of this grid can be seen as an artwork independent of the other, however to see them in relation to each other is to view a dazzlingly complete painting.
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