Salvatore Zofrea

Salvatore Zofrea was born in Borgia, Italy in 1946. He migrated to Australia in 1956. He studied at the Julian Ashton School in Sydney and with Henry Justelius. In 1981 he received the Power Bequest Grant to study in Paris for six months. In 1985 he received the Churchill Scholarship to study fresco painting in Italy.

Today he is a celebrated artist, having won numerous prizes, awards and wide gallery representation for his richly coloured paintings and powerfully themed woodcuts. His work features sensuous, expressionistic colour and a richness of input from his imagination and experience.

This exhibition consists of a series of 21 woodcuts, in which the celebrated Zofrea records the live of his parents, from their first meeting, marriage and early family life in the small village of Borgia in Calabria -to the family's eventual migration to Australia.

This series is meaningful from a contemporary, cultural and social point of view, for both the Italian and wider Australian communities. The woodcuts celebrate not only the lives of Salvatore's parents, but all people who have risked migration to begin a new life on foreign shores.
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